Energy Apple

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Eat this to completely revitalize yourself to 100% health. To restore fatigue, you still have to have a good night's sleep.

An Energy Apple is, as the name suggests, a fruit packed with energy. It completely heals all wounds and damage of a Pokemon that eats it. The apple is said to contain a mild adrenaline, giving the user a slight boost in performance, but it does not heal fatigue.

Ordinary apples growing on an apple tree may occasionally become Energy Apples, if the tree is in near perfect health and at least a half century old. An apple must be hit by a concentrated ray of sunlight long enough for it to absorb more energy than the average amount absorbed by the tree itself.

If an Energy Apple is used in conjunction with some Honey, the miracle sweetness mixes with the apple's adrenaline, creating a chemical reaction that amplifies it more than one-hundredfold. The result is that the user becomes invulnerable to most damage while the excess of energy digests and spreads throughout the body. This effect lasts only about 5 minutes, however.