Setting Edit

"A small village at the end of North Road. Most of the people here are friendly and willing to help out any human trapped in the dimension."

Grass Town is a quaint little village, populated by many various types of Pokemon in all types of evolutionary forms.

However, despite its size, Grass Town has had a well-running business. While the Grass Town Shop is probably the most respected business in the area, there are definitely other kinds of shops, including a variety of stalls in the Grass Town Square. Other places of business include a small inn for travellers to stay at, run by a Venusaur named Ara, a hospital with a variety of Pokemon, and a music school run by a Ludicolo named Finian.

Also, for a short time while Darwin was in town, there was a building project going on in order to increase housing. However, upon his later return to the area, the housing estate had somehow been desecrated by a huge 'meteor-like object' leaving nothing but a huge crater. It was later to be filled up with water and made into a makeshift lake.

As well as this, every Spring time a festival is conducted in Grass Town - presumably because Grass Town is in tune with the growing of plants, vegetation and flowers.

Adventures Edit

A few humans have gone by Grass Town - many more got caught in the Dimensional Shift before they could visit, however.

While Grass Town in itself is not dangerous, there can sometimes end up being some dangers, if not simply experienced by some of the crowd. Also, occasionally, a stray bandit attempts to cause mischief in the town - but more often than not, this is a much more peaceful place to stay and recuperate from any training done on the North Road.

Humans that have reached Grass Town include Melody, Rokaru, Roo, Haru, Jennifer, Darwin, Ian and Bill.

Fate Edit

With the occurrence of the Dimensional Shift, the Creator's radical recreation of Dimension Number 2, Grass Town was effectively destroyed.

While not effectively 'replaced', the area most similar to Grass Town is Bluma Village in Taika Meadow, Nirocci.