Heart Pill
Heart Pill and halves

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Canon Inventor


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Short Effect Description

This pill can either cause or cure infatuation.

The Heart Pill is an item that was created as a result of Dimension Number 2's Valentines Day create-an-item contest. The pill is small, and can easily be split in half. The effects of the pill are different depending on if it's split in half or stays whole.

If the user chooses to split the pill in half, and then gives the other half to a Pokemon of the opposite gender, then that Pokemon will become completely infatuated with the user and will not let go of their half of the pill. The pill cannot infatuate it's owner. However, if the user were to give a half to two seperate Pokemon of the opposite gender, then those two Pokemon would become infatuated with each other. And of course, neither one of them will willingly let go of their half of the pill until the power runs out. Infatuation lasts for twenty minutes, and cannot be cancelled by only eating one half of the pill.

If the pill is swallowed whole, or the user decides to swallow both halves, then they will be instantly cured of any infatuation. They will also be immune to infatuation for twenty minutes (or if they ate two pill halves, twenty minutes minus the amount of time before the second half was swallowed).