Power is a basic measure of how physically strong a Pokemon is, similar to levels in Dimension Number 1. Power is earned through several means. A Pokemon might gain Power from a battle, whether successful or not; from other hardships such as rescuing a distressed Pokemon from danger; or from a special item such as a Blue Berry or Gene Seed. Power not only controls the strength of the Pokemon, but it is also used in evolution, learning of advanced moves, and other miscellaneous things. It is usually written as "P" followed by the numeric value (e.g. P200).

Typical Power rewards from battle Edit

The average Power gain from a victory is around 10% of the opposing side's total Power. For example, if a Pikachu at P250 defeats a Buizel at P100 and a Meowth at P120, the Pikachu will earn a value close to P22, putting him at P272. The moderator may award the Pokemon more or less depending on his or her discretion, for example by defying a type disadvantage or taking on several foes at once.

Rewards from challenges Edit

When a player's character battles another character (or NPC) in a challenge, Power is usually awarded differently. The winner typically gets 20% of the opponent's Power, while the loser earns 5% of the winner's. This is added to any stakes that the battlers agreed to at the beginning of the match. Occasionally, the Creator will give one or both players an extra bonus for pleasing him, but he never takes any away.

Power-boosting Items Edit

The following items are known to boost Power:

Temporary boosts Edit

Permanent boosts Edit