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A special pair of red-tinted sunglasses that give the wearer information about the Pokemon they are looking at, including Power, other forms, and special items in their possession. It can also describe the effects of an item in the sight range.

Scanglasses, marked by their red tint, are a versatile and widely-used tool for discerning information about a target Pokemon or Item. They are standard issue for Dimensional Guard of rank Trainee and higher, and are commonly sold in stores throughout all three continents.

The glasses will begin displaying information about any Pokemon that stays in its focus for about 5 consecutive seconds.

Information given about a PokemonEdit

The glasses provide the user with the following information about any Pokemon:

  • Name: The individual's name
  • Origin: The Pokemon's dimension and place of birth
  • Forms: All of the Pokemon's Forms and the Power for each Form
  • Possessions: The item(s) that the Pokemon is currently holding, if any
  • Strong Point: A battle or personality trait that the Pokemon excels at
  • Weak Point: A battle or personality trait in which the Pokemon is lacking

Some Pokemon, especially Full- or Elite-ranked members of the Dimensional Guard, are able to cloak most of their information from the use of normal Scanglasses, with the help of their Guard Badge.

Information given about an itemEdit

If an item is examined using the glasses, it gives the user this information:

  • Name: What the item is usually known as
  • Type: The type of item, including Common, Equip, and Rare, as well as any other special qualities
  • Found: Where this item is usually located in the dimension
  • Use: What the item is used for

The Scanglasses are somewhat limited, as it only stores locations and detailed descriptions for the items in its databank. If it finds an unknown item, it will try and diagnose what the item's effect is, but it is somewhat inaccurate.