Vigor Banana

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Canon Inventor

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User Inventor




Short Effect Description

Like an Energy Apple, this will completely revitalize you when eaten. However, it also boosts the user's Power by 300% (raising it to 4x the original) for the next 15 minutes.

A Vigor Banana is an extremely rare fruit whose every molecule is surrounded by pure energy. It works similarly to an Energy Apple, in that it completely revitalizes the user, but it also quadruples his/her effective Power for the next 15 game minutes. It is an incredible boost, and that is why these bananas are few and far between.

A Vigor Banana seed must be planted in a very damp environment and watered every 6 hours. It needs a constant stream of water in order to healthily produce its fruit with the maximum amount of energy. If the tree is without water for even half a day, it may die. It typically begins to flower at 10 years and grow Vigor Bananas shortly afterward, but the tree's average lifespan is around 15 years. Such a high maintenance tree cannot deal with so much power for very long.

No one in the second dimension has yet discovered the purpose of growing such energetic bananas, but there are wild speculations about. One such estimate is that it attracts pollinators and seed-bearers to the tree, but more often than not, a tree is destroyed by a greedy Pokemon in order to obtain its fruit.